Fatima Parker Replacing Fat Hate with Knowledge and Self~Love.

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When i think of Fatima Parker and the words that describe her these words come to mind Role model, inspirational speaker, motivator, and public figure. Fatima Has stated that she has dedicated her life to helping women and children with issues of self-Confidence and self-esteem that is fundamental to friendships, work, love relationships, Ambitions, goals, and good health. She is a well-educated woman she knows several different languages which have opened many doors for Fatima to speak on the different causes she supports. She believes that children are the future and work on educating parents and children on the magic of self-care. She has been on many Talk shows and radio programs throughout the years. Fatima Parker is a part of a campaign in London, to call for a stop to size discrimination, and respect and dignity for Fat people..
Her outlook on life is positive; she is a strong advocate on self-esteem, healthy living and size acceptance. She believes that being fat is not what the world has made it to be. She has stated "The world has to know that we have now liberated and cleaned the word "FAT" from what they made it to mean.." ugly, dirty, stupid, glutton, inhuman, nonsexual, gross, diseased, low self-esteem, unskilled, unintelligent, unworthy, scum"... This is a great revolution.. By dismantling the weapon of mass humiliation, we are disabling the harm it inflicts on the mental and physical health of children and adults of any size, worldwide... "

The stereotypes and myths you hear about fat people, are not true and they are made up by a society that hates them, and glorifies a non-attainable ideal of beauty. Fatima , wants to see an end to size discrimination, and mental abuse,. The Word Fat is used scare you to buy the beauty and diet products and be slaves to the diet mentality, body loathing and eating disorders. When Fatima was speaking on the BBC Radio 4 ,Women’s hour they asked Fatima would you rather be called Fat or obese? She answered, "I rather be called fat i am not ashamed of being called fat. it is the way my body is, it doesn’t mean that my identity is lazy or this and that and all the myths people call fat people for being fat. Being fat i can still be healthy i can be beautiful and i can be productive member in society"

Overall What Fatima is doing is revolutionary and we will be following her every move in the Fat Acceptance Community.

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BBW Beauties September Issue Featuring Doria Pagnotta

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Doria Pagnotta is one of star's of The Style Network’s hit reality series (An American docusoap) "Jerseylicious" based on the The Gatsby Salon, and Doira is the Co-lead makeup artist at the Gatsby owned by Gayle Giacomo, her daughter Christy Pereira helps run the salon in Green Brook, New Jersey

Doria has a charismatic personality and her laughter is contagious you can actually feel the excitement and energy in the air. She will have you in stitches in seconds and I speak from experience, as I interviewed her all you could hear from both of us was sheer laughter. Doria has trained very hard in her profession as a makeup artist and hair stylist you can see this in her work, she has studied at Mitchell Hair Camp and Bobbi Brown Studios. She is a very talented person, and has been licensed since she was 17 years old. She loved makeup since she was a little girl, she would cut her barbie dolls hair and put makeup on her mom this was a way doira could express herself her creativity.  She advises anyone who is interested in this flied is to keep practicing and practice, practice some more to keep honing in on your trade and your skills and that you will do great.

Doria was born in northern New Jersey, she comes from an Italian/Irish family, she loves her family and her family loves her and they are her biggest fans and her greatest supporters. They are a very close knit bunch and her mother is a gem you can see were Doria gets her spunk from, by the statement her mother made: You don't have to be a size 2-4 or even a size 6 to succeed in life, be true to who you are and people will be able to see what a wonderful person you are because of your substances, your beauty will always shine through showing the real women that you are, kind hearted, fabulous, and of course a curvaceous one.

Doria firmly believes that what makes you truly beautiful inside and out is not the size of your body, it's your confidence the context of your character, how you project yourself in life, to do it in a positive way. Not letting the negative stereotype's that some in society have labeled the plus sized women, but to rise above that and know that you are beautiful,valuable and because of this you are one of a kind. Doria wants to effect people in a positive and make a difference in the plus size community.

This fierce plus sized Diva has a heart of gold always giving back to the community, as she has a new venture on the way, Doria is also launching her own business called "Stunning Beauty"which focuses on bridal hair and makeup, besides also working on her blog that should be coming out soon. She will also have several video tutorial on her website giving advice on makeup, clothing and all the wonderful things we can do to keep being fabulous and trendy at whatever size. You can also see Doria on the Fashion to figure site as she shares with us Doria's fashion picks.  www.fashiontofigure.com

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BBW Beauties August Issue Featuring Fawn the Recording Artist

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The Fawntastic World of Recording Artist Fawn By B. Carter

Children and Animal advocate, Fawn he has become a vital force in the plus size community, as a shining example of beauty and compassion. Fawn is an award winning ASCAP singer/songwriter and recording artist, who has shared the top of the Billboard Dance Charts with Lady Ga Ga, Mariah Carey and Janet Jackson. Her song ‘Wish U Love’ on Hades/Stonedef Records, produced by Chad Jack and Tim Letteer made it to #6 in 2010 on the Billboard charts. The song was #2 only to Madonna, on the dance/house Masterbeat charts the first 2 months of it's release. Her music video of the same song remained in the top 10 for 5 months on MTV’s Logo Channel and charted at #142 for the Top 200 Hit Dance Songs of 2009. "Wish U Love" was nominated for the Hollywood Music In Media Awards in 2010 and won the JPF Music Award for 'Best Dance Single' in 2009. Fawn also won the JPF Music Award for 'Best Dance Album' for "Body Soul and Mind,' both available on itunes. In 2009 she also won the VH-1 Songwriting award for her soulful song about racism, “Into The Light" and in 2011 won 'Cover Model Of The Year' for Large and In Charge Magazine.

Although Fawn has had a hit song, been in National TV Commercials since the ripe age of 6 months and her voice and songs have been heard on numerous TV shows, CD Compilations, commercials and films such as The Natalee Holloway Story, Ugly Betty, Nip/Tuck,  Ford, Mazda, Pontiac, Barbie, Ponds, Target, Guiding Light, Lavazza Coffee, The Young and The Restless, 1-800-Missing with Vivica A. Fox, Dead End Falls, and Witchblade, among others, she remains humble, grateful and surprised.

Currently in the studio finishing up her next electronica album and a piano based compositions album, Fawn proclaims, "I never take for granted every little gift that comes my way, whether it's a song placed in film or a simple smile from a stranger. This life is a gift and we must make the most of it during the short time we are here". 

Her first song released when she was a teenager and produced by BT, Brian Transeau (Film Composer for Monster/Fast and Furious), ‘Oneday,’ raised a substantial amount of money and awareness for people with HIV/AIDS. All proceeds from the song were donated to the cause. Fawn explains, "At the time, I didn't know any one with HIV/AIDS, I just knew that I wanted my first song to be a gift back, as music was given to me as a gift. Now, unfortunately, I know friends with it and 50% of all people under the age of 25 are HIV+. I will always do what I can to help any one in need. I think this is what life is all about-spreading love and healing."  

When asked about why she fights so passionately for the rights of children and animals, she simply says, "They have no voice - we must be their voice and do what is right. It is our responsibility to protect them and keep them safe from all predators." She goes on to say, “in the case of children, we need to teach them well, teach them goodness and kindness to all living things. And concerning animals and children, the key word here is EDUCATE, because if we know better, we will do better."

Fawn is the kind of person who puts her money where her mouth is. She has been seen in the media protesting the cruelty of animals, spoke at the proposed ban on fur by the West Hollywood city council meeting for West Hollywood to be the first fur-free city in the nation, made a cameo in the documentary, ‘How I Became An Elephant,’ and recently performed for the event ‘Diamonds Not Fur’ with Betty White, James Torme’, Linoel Richie, Ellen Lavinthal and Katie Cleary-Stern,  She is one of the photographic subjects in a Coffee Table Book titled 'A Day In My Shoes: Pumps and Pups' by photographer Amy Martin-Friedman, with the proceeds benefitting Animal Alliance, an animal welfare charity. The photographs captured for this book will also be displayed at a gallery photo exhibit, which opens Saturday, November 5th in Los Angeles. Fawn said "I am thrilled to be a part of this beautiful printed tribute to humans and their furry families, we must be a light in the world and do what we can do to help stop suffering all over the world. Once we realize that all living beings are important, then we will know deep down in our souls that we have finally, really and truly evolved." Fawn continued, “As for this amazing book, there will be a Volume II coming out in 2012. Amy will begin shooting for that this Fall for any one who wants to participate to help animals.” For more info or to be included in the book: http://www.martinfriedmanphotography.com

When asked about being faced with situations such as criticism and prejudices in the world, Fawn simply states, "It doesn't matter what some one says about you negatively or positively. Our job is to show up with compassion, be who we are born to be and be a light in the world. What deeply matters to me is what God thinks of me, because with out him, I wouldn't be here or even be a scintilla of who I am"

With a gorgeous face and soul to match, it's no wonder Fawn is blazing a trail for all of us to follow.

BBW Beauties July Issue

MRS. Plus America 2011 Danielle Zavala

Mrs. Plus America 2011 Danielle Zavala

Danielle,tell us a Little Bit about yourself?
-I was born and raised in Yorba Linda, CA. I am a loving wife and mother as well as an accomplished Vintage Pin up and Editorial plus size model. My pageant platform, Adoption awareness and education, helps me find foster children families that they can call their own. I also educate and encourage prospective parents into becoming foster parents.

How did you react when you found out you were in the running to be Mrs Plus America?
-I was really excited but still kind of nervous! I had never done a beauty pageant before so I didn't really know what to expect!

How did you feel as you were traveling to the pageant?
-I was so incredibly nervous! I hate flying in airplanes and had to take a 3 hour flight with a time change just to make it from Los Angeles, CA to Dallas, TX! I also was a little sad because my husband and family were unable to attend the pageant with me.

How was your Overall Experience at the Pageant? what went though your mind? Do you have any advice for other women who want to enter?
-It was an AMAZING experience! I met so many outstanding and incredible women who are doing so much in their communities to help spread awareness about their platforms! My advice for any women considering entering the Miss Plus America Pageant would be to go for it! Don't let anyone stop you from trying to follow your dreams. MPA was my first ever adult beauty pageant and I competed against some incredibly gorgeous and intellectual women but if I would have let that stop me I wouldn't be where I am today.


How Does it feel being Mrs plus america? what are some of your Duties as being Mrs Plus America?
-It's been an incredibly humbling experience. I never would have imagined that I would actually be able to win a beauty pageant. I always watched the Miss America Pageant as a girl and thought it would be so amazing to win a pageant but never believed it would be possible. My duties are to be a positive representation of the Miss Plus America Pageant System as well as make monthly appearances to help promote MPA and my platform of adoption awareness and education!

What was the first thing that went through your mind when you heard your name called?
- Utter shock and disbelief. I never would have imagined in my entire life that I would ever live out my dream of winning a beauty pageant. My journey to MPA Nationals was a very difficult one. I lost my job two days after winning my state crown and was struggling with the decision of whether or not I could afford to attend Nationals. I truly feel that the Lord blessed me and was watching over me as I continued to pray about whether or not I should go. He provided me with sponsors without whom I wouldn't have had such a gorgeous gown from Bonny Bridal to compete in and provided me with a new job the week before I left for Nationals! So when I heard my name I couldn't help but cry because all my hard work and determination had finally paid off. I knew that when I got home my husband and family would be proud and I could finally have the opportunity to help make a difference in my community!

Lets get personal!

Now we want to get to know you,

What is a Quote or saying that has kept you strong thru hard times?
-My personal motto that always keeps me strong is "Beauty isn't a size its an attitude!"

What song describes your Life and explains who Danielle Zavala is ?
-hmmm that's a great question! I've never thought of that before! I'd have to say " I'm a Survivor" by Destiny's Child! I've faced so many doubters and people who have put me down and told me I would never be anything but I continue to survive and pursue my dreams! Just like the song says I'll never give up!

Where is a place you would like to travel and why?
-I would love to travel to England and Ireland to go view the beautiful countryside! I've always dreamed of seeing Buckingham Palace and some of the ancient Irish Castles that still exist today!

Whats your Favorite movie and why?
-My favorite movie of all time is Ever After with Drew Barrymore! Not only is she an amazing actress but I love that the main character's name is Danielle and the film is such an amazing love story! It makes me still believe in true love and the fairy tale romance that I'm lucky to have myself!

How you do you feel about Being a Plus size woman?
-I think its an amazing thing. I don't understand why people feel the need to always label eachother. I'm plus, curvy, full figured or the average size American woman! I don't see why it's made into such a negative thing.

What is one thing that you love about your Curves?
-I definitely love how they look in certain outfits. Seeing that almost hourglass shape in the mirror is really awesome and makes me proud to be a curvy girl!

What is something you want to tell young girls out there who Might be Getting Bullied or just hate
how they look?
-Don't let the bullies bring you down. Normally when someone attacks you in that way it is because they are insecure with their own appearance or attitude! They are attacking you to try and hide their own pain and insecurities! If they continue to bully you or say negative things about you in a public forum then let them. It is only making them look childish and foolish especially if you don't respond to it. When it gets hard to stay strong in those situations reach out to a friend that you know and trust. I've had a recent experience with a bully who would just not let up and continues to lash out every so often about my modeling or new endeavors as Mrs. Plus America. It was a little hard to understand why this was happening to me but the truth is trying to understand what was causing these unnecessary comments was impossible! I've never used my own insecurities to break someone else down so I just surrounded myself with friends who support me 100% and it has really helped me to just laugh at the situation. I am so greatful for these ladies!

What is your Message to other women?
-To remember what it's like to be called names or what it feels like not to fit in. Whether we are skinny, thin, plus size, curvy or fat we are ALL women and we ALL have to deal with the same types of issues just in different ways. My hope is to unite all women as one and try and break some of the size barriers that have been put up because of insecurities. I have had friends who wished they were bigger and friends who had insane diets just to lose some weight. We need to be as supportive of one another as possible! Never bring another woman down just to make yourself look better.

 You can follow Danielle’s reign more closely at www.facebook.com/MrsPlusAmerica2011 and www.missplusamerica.com/danielle.asp. Should anyone need Danielle for a speaking engagement, hosting, emceeing, supporting your worthy cause, etc., please feel free to e-mail her at MrsPlusAmerica2011@gmail.com. It is her desire to advocate for your worthy cause and bring light to the good work you’re doing.

BBW Beauties June Issue

Hello I am Tammie Starr,

I am a professional model for plus size women who have curves. I have been a model since nineteen I have always loved fashion and seeing the models how they walk on runway. It has always been one of my passions in the fashion world. I never thought cause I was curvy and very tall I could be a model. Only size 0 like a walking skelton it reminded me a walking hanger. I thought to myself I know if us volupteous women could only do that and make the designs even more marketable for the fashion designers we could really change the modeling industry. I was always pushing doors open when they were close and saying if only you could give me a chance to show you I have talent. I remember my first modeling job in a commerical Ferrors Fashions as a spokesmodel for store. I saw the other models very skinny and I curvy. I said Tammie you can do it show the wold what you are made of I was 5ft11 at the time. I hated being tall always comments that were not nice. I grew up from thinking I am the tallest girl with curves out there. I did have low self esteem back then. My father never told me I was pretty just that your so tall and you could never be a model cause your fat. I put my efforts even more to go out there and make it come true. I went to go try out for Miss Plus Top Models and it was a blessing to see women out there just like me. I walked on the runway woth my speech head held high saying I am here today to let all of you beautiful volupteous women out there to build self confidence and esteem. It doesnt matter what size shape or color God made us just the way we are. I showed the world my talent that night and went home as the first runner up and got a beautiful crown and sash. I was so proud saying God thank you for shining in me and showing I can be whatever I want in my life. It made me stronger and I was so proud that day. I say to all the women out there never give up on your dreams go for it and reach high. I know God gave me alot of talent and I wanted to shine like never before. I always encourage women with low self esteem and to build self confidence on anything you want to do in life. Keep shining Love and blessings Tammie Starr